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Welcome to the Eye of the Prismwhere rainbows are an everyday occurrence!

Eye of Eye of the Prism’s product line began with beautiful 'sun catchers’ which when hung in a sunny window will delight the senses, or outside in the garden or as special décor in your home or office. Uniquely designed and handcrafted to be one of a kind, many contain Swarovski or Czech Crystals along with silver and/or gold-plated beads, charms, inspiring words and gorgeous pendants.

Eye of the Prism recently added to its mix beaded earrings, bracelets, key chains, hair clips and other fun and funky items; fine artisan jewelry; unique and decorative glass pendants; and incredible and healing salves made from the busy honey bee.

v    From South Dakota we've added premier salves and lip balms inspired by the healing properties of the bee. They may help alleviate headaches, reduce sinus problems, soothe arthritis and chapped lips.

v     From Arizona we have added not only beautiful and inspired fine jewelry using inlay of natural stone and gems creating breathtaking pieces (rings, pendants, earrings and more), we’ve also added unique glass pendants in all colors and sizes. These make incredible necklaces, earrings, bracelets, or let your imagination soar as you choose what speaks to you.




The Eye of the Prism has chosen to recognize and honor those who have survived breast cancer by creating sun catchers in the color pink, word charms (Survivor, Life, Love) and the official logo of the Breast Cancer Society. Eye of the Prism is proud to announce that 10% of each sale of a Breast Cancer Survivor sun catcher will be donated to the Breast Cancer Society.

Eye of the Prism

"Reflecting the Beauty of Sunlight"

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